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Public Appearances
Loscon 38, November 25 - 27, 2011

Loscon 38, November 25, 2011 Loscon 38, November 25, 2011 Loscon 38, November 25, 2011 Loscon 38, November 25, 2011


For those people that didn't know I could read, much less write, Loscon is a science fiction convention held over Thanksgiving weekend in the Los Angeles area. This convention, like many others, celebrates the written word with panel discussions featuring writers as well as knowledgeable readers. Loscon 38 was held on November 25 - 27, 2011.

The panel moderator requested my presence for the Short Short Story Program. In this case, Short Short Stories were defined as stories with exactly 55 words having a title of 7 words or less. For a longer description of the panel, click here The convention is over, so there is no reason to submit any stories.

I didn't agree to participate until I had written a few Short Short Stories and felt comfortable discussing them. All the stories submitted in advance (including mine) were published in the last newsletter of the convention, and posted online since most of the people had left by then. You can read them here.

I was asked to be a panelist because one of the original participants had to cancel at the last minute. Therefore this is likely my first and last public appearance as an unprofessional unpublished writer.

It is normal procedure for the newer authors to promote their writing by displaying their published works on the table in front of themselves. Since I didn't have any words published that I could promote, I set up many of the CDs and the DVD that I worked on.

While writing my status update for FaceBook, I realized that with minor tweaking that blurb fit the format of the panel, so here it is.

Loscon 38 Panel

Anyone not tired of hearing me talk about writing, here is your chance to overdose. I have been placed on a panel with published writers, and we will talk about fifty five word stories. Come to encourage or discourage me, but come fill the audience and ensure that I get a chance to do this again.


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